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CHDP Provider Satisfaction Survey

The purpose of our customer service satisfaction survey is to offer enrolled providers an opportunity to give feedback and suggestions to help us improve provider support offered by the Sacramento County Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program.
2. What is your clinic type? *
3. What is your job title? *
4. How familiar are you with the CHDP program guidelines? (i.e., eligibility criteria, Health Assessment Guidelines (HAGs), Bright Futures periodicity schedule, FFS care coordination referrals, foster care medical contact form, site review/audit process). *
      Not Familiar                                                                                  Very Familiar
5. Do you feel the frequency of communications from the CHDP Program either by phone, fax, mailed letters, emails, or in-person is: *
      Not enough                                                                                  Too much
6. What is your preferred method(s) of communication with the local CHDP program? *
7. Have you ever attended one of our CHDP trainings? *
10. Do you find the CHDP Newsletter helpful? *
  I have not       Not helpful                                                                                     Very helpful
  read it
11. What prohibits you from screening/testing your pediatric patients for lead poisoning? Click all that apply. *
12. Is your clinic interested in receiving bulk quantity of health education materials for clients on topics such as lead poisoning prevention, tobacco cessation, STDs, healthy eating, etc.?
13. How likely would you recommend other Medi-Cal providers to enroll as a CHDP provider? *
      Not likely                                                                                       Very likely
14. How would you rate the CHDP site review/audit process? *
Never participated       Not beneficial                                                                                                                                Very constructive
in CHDP site review