Full Time Designer

Hanbury is an Architectural, Planning and Interior Design Firm established in 1979. The firm has experienced sustained growth over the past 4 years and is looking to hire a fulltime Designer to complement our Operations team.  

As Hanbury has evolved, we’ve concentrated our design focus on several areas that best serve this potential: higher education, science & technology, and civic/community — all with a commitment to the highest and best use of resources and a long-range view of environmental impact.

Our people are undeniably our most valuable resource. Our collective promise lies in celebrating the potential of each individual, while embracing strategic optimism and inventing our future by growing a firm of choice by design. Our work is strengthened through fostering an inclusive environment where underrepresented voices are sought, included, and valued. We seek to empower all voices through active listening, thoughtful engagement, and holistic design solutions. Design excellence requires shaping and leading a firm that cares for the world in which we seek to live. Our successful future depends on transparent actionable change guided by knowledgeable voices.


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