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Code of Conduct

At Ellerslie Discipleship Training, we are committed to modeling a healthy, morally excellent, God-honoring daily decorum.  We encourage and foster an atmosphere of love, honor, and respect among both staff and students.  Please review the following core values to review and better understand the atmosphere of the Ellerslie Campus.  At the bottom of this page, please check the box provided as a means of agreeing to help us maintain these values during your time at Ellerslie.

The Ellerslie staff and students will be expected to uphold the following principles of honor and Biblical morality while participating in all aspects of the training program and campus-life:

- Deliberately seeking to honor God in conduct and daily life through dress, language, attitude, and interactions with others. Also, not participating in any morally questionable behavior or action.

- Approaching the training process with an attitude of expectancy.  Diligently participating in all of the required course-work and study, and showing Godly respect to the leadership, staff, and other students.

- Willingly participating in a "set-apart season" of focusing on Christ and building Godly character, with healthy boundaries around potentially distracting secular activities such as social media, pop-culture entertainment, television, unrestricted internet, etc.

- Treating members of the opposite sex with honor and respect, and living according to God's pattern for sexual purity.

- Cultivating a servant's heart and a cheerful willingness to participate in outreach projects, campus work projects, and other forms of sacrificial Christian service.


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Note: Once we have received your application, you will be notified of your acceptance or non-acceptance within  approximately 2 weeks time. If you don't receive anything within that time frame, please let us know.