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YWAM Greater Philadelphia Staff Application

This application is the first step of a wonderful adventure with the Lord... “To know God and make Him known.” Our prayer is that you will find His best for your life and be changed more into His likeness. ​In order for us to process your application, we must receive each of the following items.
1. ​Staff Application Form: ​Please answer every question. If one does not apply to you, write N/A in the blank. A Upload a recent photo of yourself, and sign the application form.
2. ​Confidential Health Form​: This form must be printed off filled out and signed by a physician.
3. ​Consent For Treatment/Liability Release Form​: Each applicant must sign this form (on the back of the Health Form) If the applicant is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guard- ian must also sign the form.
4. ​Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility Form​: This section must be signed and if you are under 18, be sure to have a parent/guardian sign this form, also.
5. ​Passport​: Those who do not have a passport yet should ​apply for one immediately​.
6. ​Visas​: ​International Staff ​- when accepted you will receive a special letter with which for- mal application for an B-1 Visa can be made in the US Consulate or Embassy. Full details will be given when accepted. Please do not make any visa application without the ac- ceptance letter.
7. ​Supplemental Questions​. 
Marital Status *
Emergency Contact
Home Church Information

Consent Forms

​Release of Liability: ​I/We do hereby release Youth With A Mission, its staff, agents and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of any injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by said person(s) during the course of involvement with Youth With A Mission Pittsburgh. *
Consent for Treatment: ​In case of an emergency, I/we hereby agree to the per- formance of such treatment, including anesthesia, and surgery, that the at- tending doctor or physician may deem necessary. *

Medical Insurance Information

Passport Information

Education Information

Additional Information

Have you ever been involved in another YWAM outreach or training program? *
Do you have outstanding debt? *

Supplemental Questions

I hereby verify that to my knowledge this form is filled out accurately. *
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