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To Register

Ohio has online voter registration. To register online you will need an Ohio ID or Driver's License and last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)
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Unfortunately both online and paper voter registration require the last 4 digits of your social. You can look yours up here ssa.gov/employer/ssnv.htm


To register by paper, you will need to mail a voter registration form. Tell us if you need anything.

To Vote

To vote in person on Election Day you will need to bring an ID. Choose one below
To vote by mail you still need to:
To Vote Early you need to bring identifying information. Choose one below:
Tell us if you need anything to apply for an absentee ballot

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Any voter information collected will be used for strictly research and nonpartisan voter education purposes in partnership with Nonprofit VOTE. This data will never be sold and may only be shared with nonprofit partner agencies in an aggregated and anonymized format that makes it impossible to identify personal information. Nonprofit VOTE may send out a single text/email reminder that includes information on where and how to vote. These reminders are limited to one per election cycle. Existing public records will be matched with data collected to measure the overall impact of voter registration and engagement by nonprofits.