DollarStore Business Membership

DollarStore Business Membership
  • Business Membership - $100/month, starting second month
  • A “Turn-Key” DollarStore operation with full support from DollarStore in USA
  • Ownership of your own Dollarstore with ownership certificate - Pride of ownership
  • Use of DollarStore Brand name, Trade Name and Logo- Established 1996
  • Registration and exclusive use of your own
  • Hosting of Your site on a secured server
  • Exclusive use of our Wholesale site with over 30,000 products
  • Optimization of the sites, SEO keyword phrases, Targeted Campaigns
  • Complete Pick, Pack and Ship operation with payment gateway built in
  • Cancel the membership anytime
  • Control your asset Sell It, Transfer It or Will It
  • Membership in an exclusive DollarStore Club

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