Residential Water Budget Variance Request Form

This form is to request a water budget greater than the standard amount Corona DWP uses.
Best way to contact you: *
Variances may be approved for any of the following reasons and are subject to periodic review. I request an increased water budget for the following reason(s). Check all that apply: *

More than 2 full-time residents in each unit.
You will be required to renew this request every 5 years.

Irrigated landscape area greater than Corona DWP estimate.  
After submitting this form, please send a property sketch with dimensions on 8.5” x 11” paper to

Pool filled from empty.
A one-time adjustment calculated at the outdoor rate granted no more than once every 5 years for routine maintenance. If the pool is required to be drained to repair a leak or damage, please upload a copy of the invoice. 

Other circumstances
There are instances when an increased budget on a permanent or temporary basis is appropriate. If you believe that is your case, please provide the details in the fields below and upload a clear scan or photograph of documentation  (receipts for parts purchased/invoices). If there is no end or repair date, please note that in the comment field.

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