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City of Corona Department of Water and Power (DWP) makes no representation or warranty relating to contracted services or products that may be installed, including any hazardous substances that may be contained in any product. Installation of recirculating hot water systems does not guarantee reduced water use. This application is for a rebate only.

By participating in the program, applicant waives, and releases DWP and its contractors and agents from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the installation or use of devices in connection with this Recirculating Hot Water System Rebate Program. Any claim the applicant may have based upon any defect or failure of performance of a contracted service or device purchased by the applicant should be pursued with the contractor or manufacturer/distributor.

DWP only enforces the terms and conditions of the Recirculating Hot Water System Rebate Program. The applicant is responsible for complying with all applicable laws, codes, policies, covenants, conditions, and restrictions that may apply.
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