Corona DWP Continuous Service Agreement

The Continuous Service Agreement allows property owners and managers to maintain uninterrupted water service while a rental property is vacant. By signing this form, owner agrees to / understands the following:
1. The meters for the properties listed on this Agreement will be transferred automatically into the owner’s name when a tenant discontinues service with the City of Corona Department of Water and Power (Corona DWP). The owner will be responsible for all services and charges until the time a new tenant establishes service. 
2. This agreement will stay in effect until the owner notifies Corona DWP in writing at least 5 working days prior to cancellation. Liability for charges incurred during any period that Corona DWP was not notified will be the owner’s responsibility. 
3. Upon cancellation of this Agreement, any active service in the owner’s name listed on this agreement will be turned off unless Corona DWP is notified otherwise.
4. The $40 New Account Set‐up fee will be waived following the initial set up.
5. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform the tenants of their need to establish their account with Corona DWP at the time of occupancy. 
6. The owner must notify Corona DWP of any changes of contact information or mailing address.
7. This agreement does not prevent disconnection of service due to a tenant’s or owner’s nonpayment of bills or deposit.
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