This form evaluates your frequency in five life areas. We will keep your responses confidential and use them to set up your personal improvement plan, identify your "lowest common denominators", and compare progress. 
Which is true for you?
Rate the following areas on a scale of 1 - 10 based on the past month.   1 = Completely Dissatisfied   10 = Completely Satisfied *
Level of Satisfaction
Physical (Health, Diet, Exercise, Body Chemistry)
Mental/Emotional (Happiness, Stress, Mind-set)
Spiritual (Practices, Meditation, Religion, Values)
Personal (Self-care, Self-esteem, Interests/hobbies)
Relational (Significant Other, Parenting, Family)
Occupational/Financial (Job, Career, School, Money)
Social (Friends, Connections, Recreation, Belonging)
Physical Frequency - Please mark all items that are true for you at least half or more of the time based on the past month.
Physical Frequency
1. I deal with chronic disease.
2. I depend on medications, medical interventions or therapy on a regular basis to manage life.
3. I complain about my health, body or symptoms regularly.
4. I am fairly sedentary. I don’t exercise. I just move just as much as I have to.
5. My weight is problematic. I can’t seem to overcome food cravings even though I try.
6. I eat a typical American diet of processed foods, sugar and fairly high fat intake.
7. I wish I were healthier, but it seems aging and health issues are to be expected.
8. My health is average and I get sick as often as most people I know.
9. I am making progress in my health and fitness, but I have a ways to go
10. I have adopted healthy routines and make conscious choices for the most part.
11. I have health promoting thoughts and self-mastery with diet and exercise almost daily.
12. I utilize mind-body solutions and feel healthier now than I did years, even decades ago.
13. I’m well above average in my fitness, routines, and health habits
14. I’ve experienced miracles in my health, reversing aging and disease.
Mental/Emotional Frequency - Mark all items that are true for you half or more of the time based on the past month.
Mental/Emotional Frequency
1. I tend to get stuck in negative, dense emotions like guilt and shame
2. I find myself shutting down to stop feeling. I experience regular apathy.
3. I experience consuming fear and/or emotional pain
4. I often feel guilty, like I am not doing enough or can’t catch up to where I should be
5. I feel and express anger frequently. It may do a little more harm than good.
6. Strong emotions are a driving force that take a lot of my energy.
7. I am hard on myself, but it seems to keep me on track for the most part
8. I manage my emotions and feel my feelings. I am well-adjusted for the most part.
9. I am able to neutralize strong feelings and accept things I can’t change.
10. I experience more positive than negative emotions. I overcome struggles and challenges.
11. Emotions are a source of transformation in my life, it is an energy that works for me.
12. I quickly return to positive emotional states. I maintain consistent happiness.
13. I’m at peace most of the time and/or maintain a sense of self-love
14. I experience feelings of bliss and transcendence on a regular basis.
Spiritual Frequency - Mark all items that are true for you at least half or more of the time based on the past month.
Spiritual Frequency
1. I feel trapped and hopeless. I don’t know if life is worth living.
2. It seems my spirit is more dark than light.
3. I have negative feelings toward religion and/or authority figures that “represent” God
4. I have been accused of being self-centered or self-absorbed.
5. I don’t like to be told what’s right or how to live my life.
6. It seems I am about equal in dark and light traits. I’m no better or worse than average.
7. I am able to live the way I’ve been taught, but sometimes I wonder why I am doing it.
8. I am very dedicated to spiritual practices and stick with daily routines, such as prayer.
9. I’ve experienced a change of heart in some area of my life and turned things around
10. I am passionate about spiritual topics and seek wisdom and learning.
11. I have a great deal of faith and/or intuition that guides me daily.
12. I have a miracle mind-set, seeing the hand of God in my life regularly
13. I strive to be self-actualized, to focus on the big picture and my mission within it.
14. I have developed a sixth sense that is extra-ordinary and/or my Source is a constant companion.
Occupational/Financial Frequency - Mark items that are true for you half or more of the time based on the past month.
Occupational/Financial Frequency
1. I am or recently have been homeless and/or institutionalized
2. I am completely dependent on others or social systems of care
3. I deal with or have recently dealt with poverty, unemployment or severely strained finances
4. I’ve been the victim of financial set-backs or I’ve been taken advantage of by others
5. I can never seem to get ahead and/or feel burdened by debt.
6. I am unemployed or underemployed, but have resources that keep me afloat.
7. I live pay-check to pay-check. I don’t have much of a savings account.
8. I have an abundance of time, but I’m financially limited.
9. I have what I need financially, but my work/job is unfulfilling.
10. I have enough money, but very little time or energy.
11. I experience abundance in most areas of life.
12. I am unlimited by jobs, finances or paradigms.
13. My abundance allows me both freedom and the opportunity to support important causes.
14. I am a master of attraction. Good things come to me almost instantly.
Social/Relational Frequency - Please mark all items that are mostly true for you based on the past month.
Social/Relational Frequency
1. I am isolated and have almost no positive relationships
2. My support system is minimal. I feel emotionally alone.
3. I have social anxiety that gets in the way of life and relationships
4. I have trust issues and don’t let others get too close
5. I have several conflicts with friends or family that bother me regularly
6. It seems I am on a roller coaster in relationships with equal ups and downs
7. I have developed emotional closeness with a few trusted friends or family
8. I have a great deal of empathy and close connections with others
9. I have a strong level of consistency in my relationships with rare or quickly-resolved conflicts
10. I have a strong role as a positive influencer in relationships with family and friends.
11. Others come to me for support and wisdom in managing their lives.
12. I have excellent boundaries and positive give-and-receive in almost every relationship
13. I am an emotionally intelligent leader of a tribe, business, group, or family system
14. I have a measurable social impact on communities, hundreds or even thousands of people
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