2024-25 Capital District Lieutenant Governor Candidate Form


  1. Attend all scheduled District Board meetings or events.
  2. Make adequate arrangements for my transportation to carry out the duties of Lt. Governor. 
  3. Hold an Officer Training Conference for all incoming club officers in the division.
  4. Hold at least four Division Council Meetings (DCM) during my term.
  5. Hold a division rally by February 2025 where an election will be held for the 2025-2026 Lt. Governor.
  6. Personally visit (virtually or in person depending on circumstances), whenever possible, each club in my division at least once in the fall and once in January/February.
  7. Prepare and distribute a division newsletter by the 15th of each month to division clubs and District Governor, Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Zone Administrator, and International Trustee.
  8. Submit monthly reports to the District Governor, Secretary/Treasurer, Administrator, and Zone Administrator by the 10th of each month.
  9. Correspond with each Key Club in my Division by individual contact at least once a month.
  10. Be a member in good standing with my local club.
  11. Assist the Governor at all times by working to reach personal, divisional, and district goals.
  12. Submit a completed directory of all schools in the division with officer information to the District Secretary/Treasurer and Administrator by June 1st.
  13. Serve actively on the committees as appointed to by the District Governor.
  14. Try to start at least one new Key Club in my division.
  15. Promote prompt dues payment of all clubs, including my home club.
  16. Submit articles to the Capital Key & Key Club Magazine when appropriate.
  17. Try to attend one Key Leader weekend if previously never attended.
  18. Maintain the quality of my schoolwork and keep up-to-date so that permission can be obtained from parents and school authorities for occasional absences on Key Club business.
  19. Abide by the Key Club Code of Conduct at all Kiwanis-family functions.


The Lt. Governor will receive a budget for use during the year.  This budget will be used for expenses related to postage, travel, supplies, printing, and other approved costs.  Reimbursement requests must be submitted on the District form accompanied by receipts for approval. Reimbursement for expenses will be made provided this agreement is fulfilled.   Failure to comply with any part of this service agreement may result in the removal from the office by the Board of Trustees.

Please have your parent/guardian and your Faculty or Kiwanis Advisor send their approval for your candidacy as a Lieutenant Governor to KMSD512@gmail.com.  Make sure they indicate your full name so we can verify who is being given approval.  Your candidacy will not be considered until these approvals are received.
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