APM Community Department of Internal Medicine Chair Application

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AAIM staff will submit all completed applications to the APM Council for review. After APM Council has completed their review, AAIM staff will notify applicants of their membership application status.

Membership Criteria

Chairs of community-based internal medicine programs may apply for membership if they meet the following criteria.

  • Supervise one or more ACGME approved internal medicine residency training program (including programs with initial accreditation)
  • Training programs have both inpatient and outpatient experiences
  • The chair is employed/appointed (not elected) and the position is full-time
  • The chair supervises at a minimum all educational and research programs in the department of internal medicine and ideally also supervises clinical programs within the institution
  • The department comprises at least five full-time internal medicine faculty in addition to the chair, all of whom are employed/appointed
  • The department is involved in research which includes quality improvement for patient care and/or education
  • Ideally the department hosts and supports internal medicine student rotations
  • Shall not be a faculty member at an LCME- or CACMS-accredited medical school (see Institutional Affiliate)


By submitting this application I attest that I do in fact meet all of the criteria noted in the section Membership Criteria.
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