MPPDA Consultation Grant Program

The MPPDA Consultation Grant Program was developed to assist Medicine-Pediatrics Program Directors (MPPDA) in assessing and developing their residency programs. Its goal is to create a mechanism for program improvement by requesting assistance from external Med-Peds Program Directors and to aid in defraying costs of such external assistance.  Each award provides an honorarium fee for a 1-2-day expert consultation. Consultants will be recruited through a nomination process and must be current or recent MPPDA members.

Awards of up to $1,000 each will be made to programs. Awards are intended to cover the consultant’s travel and lodging expenses, and other direct expenses incurred by the selected institution in conducting the program’s activities.  Programs may wish to provide an additional stipend to the consultant, usually on the order of $500.  This program will help programs defray any costs of travel, lodging, etc.

The award is available to any medicine-pediatric residency program that is up to date on its MPPDA dues.  Priority will be given to programs with a clearly defined need for consultation. Each program may granted a consultation only once per year.  Submissions must originate from the Med-Peds Program Director.  A pre-selection telephone interview will be made to the requesting PD prior to the award notification to gather any additional needed data for making award determinations.

Due Dates for Application Cycles will be: Cycle 1: January 31st and Cycle 2: June 15th and awardees will be notified by March 1st (Cycle 1) or July 30th (Cycle 2) whether or not they received a consultation award.  All unsuccessful applicants will receive notification of why they did not receive the funding award. 

Eligibility will be based on the following attributes:

• New or established training program in Med-Peds.

• Clearly defined need for consultation as described in the program description.

• Specific goals and objectives for the site visit.

• Willingness to provide a progress report to the MPPDA Executive Committee following the consultation to measure the program’s impact.

In the event of multiple applications, the MPPDA Executive Committee will use criteria to determine programs most worthy of the grant.  The Committee will attempt to fund up to two programs per cycle, with two cycles per year, but the actual number of actual consultant awards given will be contingent on funding availability.  When a program is approved for this project, the application will be forwarded to the consultant felt to be most appropriate by the MPPDA Executive Committee.  If s/he accepts the invitation to be the reviewer, the Consultant will then work with the program to arrange a time convenient for both parties.  It is required that the program also send a paper copy of the PIF, as well as the most recent citations and last two ACGME resident survey results, as mentioned above, to the consultant.  The consultant may wish to ask further questions or request additional documents from the program prior to the visit.  This is entirely at the discretion of the consultant.