Teaching Resource: Idea Submission

Classroom resources are an important member benefit of AACT and we are always looking for new and unique ideas to help grow the AACT classroom resource library.

We invite teachers to submit an original teaching resource idea that you have designed for publishing in the AACT Classroom Resource Library. A teaching resource can be in the form of an activity, demonstration, lab, lesson, or project. We are looking for valuable teaching ideas that diversify the library.

Some ideas for consideration include:

  • Escape room or competitively spirited activities
  • AP Chemistry activities
  • Teaching resources where students "take on the role of _____ " as part of the activity
  • Connecting an activity with an existing ChemMatters article

Please note: In the spirit of this opportunity, an "original" teaching resource should be an authentic creation by the participating teacher. For example, it should not be an adaptation from a published source such as a Flinn kit, or a book.  


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  • Submit your teaching idea through the entry form below.
  • Be willing and able to put your idea into the AACT template.
  • *Please review the AACT library to confirm that your resource idea is different from others that have already been published.

How to Submit

  • Please complete the entry form below. You will be required to summarize an exciting, original teaching resource idea. It should be appropriate for either a K–8 classroom or a high school classroom.
  • You may submit more than one entry.
  • If selected, you will be asked to put your idea into the AACT template.
  • Upon completion of the submission process, you will earn a $200 gift card and your resource will be published in the AACT classroom resource library.
Submission ideas will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, and a select number of teaching resources will be accepted. Any teacher that submits an idea that is accepted will earn a $200 gift card upon completion of the submission process!

Questions? Please contact aact@acs.org.

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