AACT Governing Board
Committee Representative Self-Nomination Form

Thank you for your interest in serving AACT in a leadership capacity! We appreciate your dedication to the community. 
The AACT governing board is composed mostly of K–12 teachers of chemistry, including one Committee Representative. Please note that in order to serve in this capacity you must:
  • Be an AACT member.
  • Be any member of the chemistry education community with the desired experience.
  • Be available to participate in a remote leadership meeting (or travel to Washington, DC if possible) in July. Exact schedule TBD. Travel and lodging will be provided by AACT in the case of an in-person meeting.
If you are interested, please complete this form no later than April 14, 2021. All self-nominations will be reviewed by a Nominating Committee. Three nominees for this position will appear on the ballot as candidates.
Please note that if you are selected as one of the three candidates, your name, personal statement, photo, years of experience, and interests will be published to a locked page on teachchemistry.org which AACT members will access before casting their votes.

About the Committee Representative Position

The Committee Representative may be any member of the chemistry education community.  They will serve a two-year term (2021–2023) on the board. Read more about the roles & responsibilities of this position on the AACT website.
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