AACT Content Writing Team:
The Skilled Technical Workforce
We're excited to host a new content writing team for AACT members. Current and retired high school chemistry teachers are encourged to apply! Selected participants will create two exciting and unique lesson plans that aim to educate students about the role of skilled technical workers in the chemical sciences. This opportunity was developed in support of the ACS Strategic Initiative on Fostering a Skilled Technical Workforce. Selected participants will earn $2,000 for their participation!


To Apply:

  • Be an AACT member. Not a member? Join now!
  • Be a current or retired high school chemistry teacher.
  • Submit the complete application form below, by Monday, February 20, 2023.

If selected:

  • Attend a short kickoff teleconference with AACT staff during the first week of March.
  • Be willing and able to meet assigned deadlines.
  • Create two unique and exciting chemistry focus lesson plans related to the skilled technical workforce.
  • Participate in peer review. 
  • Be available for participation (virtually) March 1–June 12. 
  • Earn $2000 for your participation. 

The need for highly skilled STEM professionals is rapidly growing. The skilled technical workforce is made up of professionals who use science and engineering in their jobs, but do not hold a bachelor's degree. Through this content writing team, we aim to create high school chemistry lesson plans that will engage and educate students about the skilled technical workforce.

Skilled technical workers in the chemical sciences might occupy roles such as: Chemical Technician, Lab Technologist, Lab Chemist, Bench Chemist, and many more. Typically, these roles require on the job training, as well as a strong background in chemical laboratory skills. Chemistry content such as lab safety, data collection and interpretation, chemical reactions, instrument usage, as well as a strong understanding of fundamental lab techniques are frequently seen in these roles. 

Lesson Plan Development

The lessons developed should be appropriate for use in a high school chemistry classroom. Lessons should be intended to both educate students about the skilled technical workforce, while also providing oppportunity for students to take on the role of a skilled technical worker through a hands-on experience during the lesson.

Participants should aim to design lessons that will provide students with a greater understanding of the skilled technical workforce. Applicants will be required to provide an overview of at least one lesson idea that fits the criteria of this content writing team as part of the application process. 

Important notes:

  • Please be sure to check the AACT Classroom Resource Library to make sure your lesson plan idea hasn't been previously published! 
  • Lesson plans cannot be created based on the use of a pre-made chemistry kit sold by a Scientific Education supply company.

Application Form

In order to be considered for participation in this content writing opportunity, please complete the application form below. You will be required to summarize at least one idea for an exciting, original lesson plan that is related to the skilled technical workforce.
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Any questions can be directed to aact@acs.org. Feel free to check out the AACT website at teachchemistry.org!