Science Coaches 2021–2022
Coach Application

Thank you for your interest in the Science Coaches program!
Please complete the form below to apply for the 2021–2022 school year.
The program is for US participants only. Current K–12 teachers may not serve as a coach. You may be a former or retired teacher. You may not share finances with the teacher you volunteer with.
If you have a teacher in mind, please fill in the email and name they will be applying with. Each teacher can only participate formally in this program with one coach and vice versa. 
If your teacher changes, if you move, if you are no longer able to participate in the program, or if you find a teacher after you apply, please email us as soon as possible at

Application Timeline
This year, we are piloting a two-phase application and program acceptance timeline. Other than being able to start your partnership earlier in the year, there is no difference, whether you are notified in July or October, to program benefits or requirements.
Important Dates
  • Phase 1: Applications are open. Applications received by June 1 will be reviewed, and selected partnerships will be notified in July
  • Phase 2: The final deadline is September 1. If you are not matched in Phase 1, or if you apply after June 1, we will review your application and will notify you of your status by October 1.
  • Note: Applicants are not guaranteed program participation. 
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