ChemClub Community Activities Grant Application 2021-2022

The ChemClub Community Activities Grant supports chartered ChemClubs wishing to make a local impact through community interactions! This can be accomplished through service projects or improving science learning experiences. 

Examples of ideas from past grant recipients include:

  • Water quality testing in the local community, and sharing results with local leaders
  • Science Event(s) for a local Elementary/Middle School
  • Farmer's Market Science Activities Booth


There are some exciting updates to the ChemClub Community Activities Grant process for the 2021–2022 school year:

  • The grant application is open from August 1, until November 1.
  • Applications will be reviewed and decided on a rolling basis — meaning ChemClub applicants will be informed very quickly about the status of their grant application.
  • This quick turnaround is aimed at allowing Clubs the ability to use grant funds quickly and/or plan events in the early part of the school year.
  • All grant funds will be distributed as Flinn Scientific Gift Certificates. Grant applications must explain how funds will be used.
  • Earn up to $300 to support your activity, or up to $500 if you are working together with another ChemClub, ACS Student Chapter, or ACS Local Section!
*Important note: We can only accept grant applications from the United States and its territories. Please visit the ACS International Activities for other opportunities.
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