2023-2024 ChemClub Program Registration

ChemClub Teacher Sponsors:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Chartered ChemClub program.

  • All clubs must re-apply/re-register each year, so please be sure to complete all of the required information below in order to participate.
  • The ChemClub Program is again piloting a middle school expansion for 2023-2024. Please share this great opportunity with middle school science teachers to get involved!
  • Bonus: All clubs that register by July 10 will receive a package of ChemClub goodies to their school mailing address on file!
  • The application period for the 2023-2024 school year closes November 1.

Important Requirements:

  • All ChemClub Teacher advisors should be science teachers at the middle school level or chemistry teachers at the high school level.
  • Additionally, advisors must be an AACT member in order to register as a chartered ChemClub. Learn more >>


*If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at hschemclubs@acs.org.

About Your Club

Teacher Advisor Information:
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Note: All ChemClub Teacher advisors are required to be an AACT member in order to register as a chartered ChemClub. Learn more >> *
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*Please do not submit student email addresses, as all communication from the ChemClub Program will be directed to science teacher advisors only.

Thank You!

Completion & submission of this form confirms your school's participation
in the ChemClub program for the 2023-2024 school year.
Notice: By participating in the ChemClub program you are consenting to receive email communication from ACS/AACT related to the program throughout the 2023-2024 school year. Your email address will not be shared externally.
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