Tell Lawmakers About Your Urgent Housing Needs

We invite you to record a 2 min. video of yourself telling lawmakers:
Something about yourself (who you are, what you do, and where you live)
What your urgent housing needs are (such as an extension of the eviction moratorium, a freeze in rent prices, and rental assitance)
Tell them why you need help now (Examples: "I lost my job"; "I only make minimum wage"; "I haven't received my unemployment"; "We've had no money to pay rent since March")
Explain what will happen to you if they fail to act (Examples: "We will lose our home and end up on the street"; "With an eviction on our record, it will make it difficult for us to rent again")
Repeat telling them what ugent actions you need them to take:
  • Extend the eviction moratorium
  • Freeze rent prices for at least 1yr
  • Provide adequate and timely rent assistance
  • Provide more housing for very low income renters
End with an affirmational message (Example: "I'm counting on your leadership to help me and my family to stay in our home")
How would you like to use this video?
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