Alaska Judicial Council Public Hearing Sign-Up Sheet

Anchorage Superior Court Applicants

February 28, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Supreme Court Courtroom

Boney Courthouse, 303 K Street, Anchorage, Alaska 

Public hearings are opportunities for citizens to have their views considered by the Alaska Judicial Council during the selection process. If you wish to sign up in advance to comment, please provide your name below. If you do not wish to sign up in advance, there will be an opportunity to sign up at the hearing.

When you are recognized by the Executive Director:
  1. Step to the microphone and state your name.
  2. Indicate your support or disagreement if other speakers have made the same point, unless you have new information.
  3. State if you are representing yourself or someone else.
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On behalf of the Alaska Judicial Council, thank you for your time. We appreciate your willingness to share your opinion and experience.
Susanne DiPietro
Executive Director