2022 Joint Annual Meeting - New Orleans

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Please use this form to apply to serve as a volunteer for the 2022 AMS-SEM-SMT Joint Annual Meeting, organized by the American Musicological Society (AMS), Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), and Society for Music Theory (SMT). In exchange for six hours of service, volunteers receive a waiver of the meeting registration fee. Volunteers must be current members of either the American Musicological Society, Society for Ethnomusicology, or the Society for Music Theory.
Please note that space is limited. We cannot guarantee all who apply will be assigned a volunteer role. The deadline to apply is 15 September 2022.
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Please indicate your preferred mailing address and contact information below. (NOTE: In order to reduce lines at the Registration Desk and keep contact to a minimum, attendees residing in the U.S. will receive their badges by mail prior to the conference.)

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