International House Application

Students living in the International House share a common interest in languages and the opportunity to live, study, and learn in anenvironment that promotes awareness of cultures from around the world. In the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie, residents of the International House are expected to plan and implement events that contribute to awareness of international communities. 

Guidelines for living in International House

—The primary responsibility of the student who is a resident member of International House is active participation in organizing and carrying out activities that promote awareness of languages and cultures of the world. To this end, the president of the house will consult with residents and submit a calendar of events for each academic semester that include, but are not limited to the following.

Receptions for students returning from study abroad so that they may share their experiences with the Transylvania community

Celebrations of Oktoberfest (October), Mardi Gras (Spring), and Cinco de Mayo (May)

–Small, language-specific gatherings for French, Spanish and German each semester (if possible, in collaboration with language clubs and honoraries)

Staffing the Regional Foreign Language Festival held on Transylvania’s campus each spring

The resident members of International House will make good faith efforts to speak their language of study, and promote awareness of the cultures in which their language is spoken.

The resident members of International House will maintain common areas of the building (hallways, entryways) and the public areas of apartments (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms) by keeping them neat, presentable and ready for programming events.  Residents will decorate and beautify public areas with materials suitable to the languages and cultures represented by the individual student members.

Resident members of International House will actively demonstrate that understanding and cooperation begins within their own community by behaving responsibly, respecting their roommates, their roommates’ possessions and University property at all times.  It is expected that resident members will resolve roommate and other conflicts in an adult manner.

Selection Process Resident members of International House will be selected by the faculty director of International House in consultation with faculty from the Foreign Languages Program.  Factors for selection include: majoring in a language, demonstrated interest, potential contribution, academic standing, and willingness to embrace the ideals of the International House.



Application Deadline Please submit applications by Wednesday, February 20th.  For questions please contact the faculty director of the International House, Dr. Jeremy Paden.

Personal Information

Academic Information

Language of Study

Living Arrangements

If you provided a name in the previous question, would you still be willing to live in the Interanational House if that person's application were not accepted?
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Good Faith Pledge

I understand that it is a privilege to live in the International House and I endorse its purpose on campus. I will make conscientious efforts to speak my language of study, help coordinate language-specific events, agree to respect the rights of other residents, and enthusiastically participate in International House activities.  By submitting this application to become a resident member of International House, I pledge to uphold the goals and fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the Purpose and Guidelines sections.   *

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