Transylvania University Career Development Center

Application for an Academic Internship
Thank you for your interest in applying to complete an academic (for-credit) internship. Please review the following:
1. If you have not already spoken to and received approval from a professor to complete an academic internship, please do not fill out this form until you have done so.
2. For purposes of this application, you DO NOT yet need to know at what site you will be competing the internship.
3. If you have any questions regarding this application or the process of receiving credit for an internship, please refer to the instructions on our website or contact the office at 859-233-8193.
4. Please create a login before beginning this form. This will allow you to save your work and return to compete it at a later time if necessary.
Thank you.
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CLICK HERE to create or return to an application. By doing so, you will be able to start this application, save your progress, and complete it at a later time. Failure to create a login will cause you to lose your work if you do not complete it in one sitting. 
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