Evaluation Period: January 01, 2015 - December 31, 2015

Rate the associate's performance during the evaluation period by checking the most appropriate rating.  Make an explanatory comment to support your rating, and where possible cite specific examples of behavior that led to the rating. 

When performance does not meet expectations, list specific goals for sustainable improvement and the specified timeline you expect the improvements to be achieved by in the 'Manager Comments' section.

If you wish to utilize SPELL CHECK  please type your 'Manager Comments' into a WORD document and cut/paste them into the 'Manager Comments' section of this electronic evaluation form.

Associate Information


Evaluation Period

Was the associate employed at CF Real Estate Services and under your supervision during the entire evaluation period from 01/01/2016 thru 12/31/2016? *


Is this associate ready for a promotion today? *

Performance Improvement

Did the associate receive a PIP [Performance Improvement Plan] during the evaluation period? *
Based on information recently discovered or not discovered until the Performance Evaluation was completed should this associate be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan? If yes, please briefly explain below and contact Human Resources. *

Rate Overall Performance Of Associate for 2016 Plan Year

Rating Scale

4 - Exceeds expectations
3 - Meets expectations
2 - Below expectations
1-  Needs improvement
Using the rating scale above, how do you rate this assoicate's OVERALL performance for this plan year? *
2015 Overall Performance

Objectives for the Upcoming 2017 Calendar Year


Once the Performance Evaluation form is completed Managers should:

(1) Review the form with the associate [in conjunction with the self-evaluation form] 
(2) Enter all email addresses in spaces provided below
(3) Click 'Submit'
(4) Click "Printer Friendly Receipt" link and PRINT Evaluation Form
(5) Obtain the associate's signature and date on form
(6) Allow the associate to attach comments if desired [separate sheet of paper]
(7) Forward the signed original to Human Resources via fax [404-601-4901] or mail to: CFLane, LLC, Attn. Alan Walsh, 710 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30308

Optional: Email Unsigned Performance Evaluation


TO PRINT: Once you click 'SUBMIT' you will receive a SUCCESS PAGE, click on the Printer Friendly Receipt link for a printable version of the completed evaluation form.
A copy of this evaluation form will automatically be emailed to Human Resources once you click 'SUMBIT'.