The 8th Annual Co-LEADS Student Summit

Justice for the Vote:  Electoral Equality in a Diverse Democracy
Colorado Leadership for Equity, Advocacy, and Discovering Social Justice
Friday, October 7, 2016  -  8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Co-LEADS Student Summit was established in 2009 by a group of individuals on the Auraria and University of Denver campuses as a way to bridge discussions of leadership and social justice in a meaningful way. The Summit invites college students from across Colorado to join in discussions of social justice, activism, advocacy, and social change. Throughout the day, students participate in a number of workshops that challenge, grow, and inspire them to make change in their own lives and their communities. For more information or to register visit our website at:

This year, we'll be exploring the theme: Justice for the Vote:  Electoral Equality in a Diverse Democracy. Our keynote and breakout sessions will engage self-awareness, social systems, personal skills and collaborative action through this lens.  We are seeking proposals that will move beyond a simple awareness of social justice issues.  Our goal is to spark participants into action in their communities.

We are seeking workshop proposals that address the social justice and diversity goals and learning outcomes of the Summit:

Goals & Objectives

By actively participating in CO-LEADS, students will:

  • Explore their role in systems of privilege and oppression in our society; specifically Voting Rights and Justice, Electoral Equality, and becoming involved in the political process
  • Connect with students from their own and other Colorado campuses, creating a larger network for collaboration and change making
  • Engage a wide range of opportunities available to make positive change in our society

 Specifically, every participant will:

  1. Deepen their understanding of their own and others’ identities, and of the intersections of these experiences
  2. Consider at least one way in which Electoral Equality positively and/or negatively impacts in/equity in our society
  3. Leave each session, and the day overall, with action commitments for positive change on their campus and in their community


Our keynote, common morning workshop and closing sessions will all work toward these goals. Our two rounds of breakout workshop sessions help participants connect with additional content and experts to further their understanding and engagement.

Presenters for selected workshops are welcome to join for the entire day, and in thanks for their contribution, their registration fee is waived.

 In addition to explicitly engaging this year’s theme, we are asking EVERY WORKSHOP to:

  1. Be specific in what 2-3 learning outcomes participants will gain from attending it
  2. Include time/attention for participants to determine/note one specific commitment they will make, to put what they have learned into action. Every participant should leave your workshop ready to share the action item your session informed.

 Please also consider the following as you prepare your proposal:

  • Need for clear learning objectives and your topic's relevance to this year's theme.
  • Length. We will have two workshop sessions: one morning (11.15-12.30pm) and one afternoon (1.30-2.45pm), each 75 minutes long.
  • Presenters. To model collaboration and to increase impact, we encourage having at least two presenters for each session, especially pairs/teams from different disciplines or operational areas, a mix of students and faculty/staff, etc.
  • Wherever possible, we encourage presenters to actively engage participants in creating their own learning, versus being passive observers of media, speakers, etc. Beyond including question and answer time at the end, how can you involve the participants?
  • Universal design.  We encourage all workshops to be proactive in including a diversity of learning styles, mobility and visual abilities, etc. See

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 9 at 5 p.m.


THANK YOU for your interest in sharing your passion and expertise with our participants!

 For questions re: workshop proposals, contact Steve Willich at:



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