To gain access to the OIEA Information Portal an ACC employee must have a valid reason for accessing student information, review ACC's administrative rule AR # 3.05.002 on "Use of College Information Systems" (, complete this form, type in his/her name and submit it. If you have any questions, please contact F.C. Caranikas, Institutional Studies Coordinator, phone: (512) 223-7038, email:
By typing in your name in the Requestor Signature box, you certify that you understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of student records and complying with FERPA. The data generated from this portal in some cases will have small samples which potentially could be used by someone to determine an individual student's grade in a course. Therefore, any reports generated should be kept confidential.  If data is to be published it should be in an aggregated fashion or with categories containing small sample sizes edited out of the report. If you have any questions please contact OIEA.

I understand that my user ID and password are to be kept confidential; should I share this information, my access to TIPS will be revoked.