Report a cheetah encounter

If you have encountered cheetahs, or signs of cheetahs, in the last 20 years we are keen to hear about it! Your reports will go into an international database that will be used to plan conservation efforts for this threatened species. We are particularly keen to hear news from countries which have not been well-surveyed, such as Angola, Sudan, Chad, and CAR. However sightings from all areas are extremely welcome. If you have previously reported your sighting to a well-established monitoring system (e.g. Tanzania's "cheetah watch"), you don't need to report it again. However if you're in doubt, please report your encounter: we will ensure that the information is shared with the appropriate national or local monitoring systems.

About your encounter

When did you encounter cheetahs? Please be as precise as possible.

If you saw one or more live cheetahs, please tell us how many you saw

Were you able to tell the sex of the cheetah(s) you saw? If so, please indicate the number of males and females you saw. Please only answer this question if you are confident that you could distinguish males and females

About the place where you encountered cheetahs

If possible, please provide a GPS location (or map coordinates) for your encounter. Please also tell us what coordinate system you are using



About you

Many thanks for taking the time to report your encounter!

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