2013 Patron Registration Form ~ Focus Groups for Aspen Recreation Facilities


A few minutes of your time will help us ensure your Recreation Programs and Facilities meet your needs and the needs of our Community.

Dear Aspen Recreation Facilities and Programs Patron:

The Aspen Recreation Department is conducting community focus group meetings in September of 2013 to establish priorities for the future of recreation facilities, programs and services.  We request your participation in one or more of the upcoming focus group meetings identified below.  We also request that you reserve your attendance via the check boxes below, in order to let us know the best time and date for your attendance.  In this manner we can assure focus group sizes manageable enough to hear everyone’s wishes.    The focus group meetings and topics will be held on the following dates and times at the identified locations.  Each meeting will last approximately an hour to an hour and a half in length.

DATE----------TIME--------------LOCATION---------------FOCUS GROUP-----------

* Register for as many as you would like to attend.
We appreciate your time………

            We realize your time is valuable and we appreciate your participation in one or more of these focus group meetings.  Your voice and opinions are valuable to us so that the City of Aspen may address your recreational needs now and on into the future. 

The information we gather from these focus group meetings and other methods of community outreach will help staff and City Council in the development of a community driven plan that meets the recreational needs of the community to the best of the City’s abilities.  This is your community and your future so please take time to participate. 

If you have questions please feel free to contact Tim Anderson, City of Aspen Recreation Director at (970) 544-4104 or by e:mail at tim.anderson@cityofaspen.com 

These Focus Group Meetings are a tool that will benefit our community and future recreational opportunities so let your voice be heard. 


Tim Anderson

City of Aspen, Recreation Director


* Indicates Response Required